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Free give away winner

Congrats Furbabe nim, who seem to be my only friend here on LJ is the winner of (Ain goods) free give away!!
She's the only one who left me comments past week so all three items will go to her^^
I guess I need to make some friends here.... it's kind of bording not getting any feed back/comments.....
I'll send the items out some time this week
Thanks for all your comments Furbabe nim it means alot^^


Stalking Sik~

So after finish eating at Ain's favorite chx feet place, we walked to a very trench bar call "between", which Ain says he goes to
in Olive Young fan meet interview last year.
It was very nice place, little pricey but it wasn't that bad... very similar to prices here in Hawaii.....
We talked and talked, mostly about Ain of course, it was so much fun haning out with another fan~ conversation went on and on^^
That spot is well know to have some famous people come by for drinks and while we were there, I don't know his name but he's a model turned actor who played one of the bad guys in 'tree with deep roots" one with mask on, who can also fly aside from that
other main guy...anyway, he looked better in person, fashionable too^^
It was close to midnight when we said bye and thanks to her I had my own Ain experience, sort of and I went back to my hotel
feeling bit drunk and happy^__^

Next night, she took me to a shopping mall where I can maybe get some new J&J catologs but unforturnately it was closed that
day.... my friend thought it was weird too..... anyway the reason we went to that particular mall is first J&J store was there and
the second reason was she wanted to show me her prediction of where Ain moved to, she did some calculation with some of the things he said in interviews....he lives 5 min walk from that mall and he buys all his groceries from the super market located underneath that mall..... btw, Ain usually gets all his groceries delivered now, I'm guessing since he can't really venture out by himself now(hehe^^)
Anyway, here is a picture
That mall we wanted to go is literally right across from that building....

Well, that's it for my Ain adventure in May2012, sad thing was Ain had Chamisul fan signing on the day I left Korea, I was so
sadT.T but another Ain fan friend, went to the signing and asked Ain to sign one for me and HE DID!!
He misunderstood and wrote her name too but still, it was so nice of him! and my Korean Ain fan friend, she's a sweet heart^^
It's in Korean but after to: is my name Jamie!! so happy!!!!

Sik's fav restaurant

I was in Korea for only 5 days in May so I had to make most of it.
With help from Ain's Korean fan we visited some of Ain's favorite hang outs^^
First place we went is a store name "product" which turned out to be right across from my hotel in Itaewon, Itaewon of course some of you may know is Ain's favorite area to hang out.
"Product" is a clothing store which is own by Ain's best friend... hip and trendy, very modern store I thought...pricey too....
We/I didn't have the guts to take pictures inside the store cos there was a guy who look to be the owner of the store kept looking
at us as though he knew why we were there(hehe^^) I'm sure we weren't the only Ain fans that came lurking around.......
This is what it looks like from outside...

And then we went to eat at that chicken feet place from LML
It's a small place, the owner cooks and serves and everyone calls her "yi-mo"(aunty^^)
Unfortunately I can't eat chx feet so we ordered other items from the menu and as soon as I took first bite I knew why Ain
likes to eat there, food, although took a while, is very good~
People across from us were eating chx feet and they looked super spicy!!
I thought about ordering it anyway, to take pictures(silly I know) but I didn't want to waste food.....
When we first arrive at the restaurant, actually it can't really be called a "restaurant" it's more like a eatery, a "shik dang" in Korean, anyway, it was empty when we first got there, we were lucky cause we sat at "THE TABLE" you know one from LML ^__^
I was seating at "the chair" one Ain sat!!

From outside,
BTY, I had to walk a pretty steep hill to get there in my heels...I was bleeding but happy(gosh~ >.<)

This is what we ate^^
Damn~ I'm a messy eater ~.~
Food was so good!!

We went to one more spot in Itaewon but I'll write about that tomorrow night.......    Jamie.K

Sik goods give away~^.^

I was suppose to do this last night but I was tired/lazy so I just went to bed so here it is, Sik goods give away^^
Before I get to the good stuff, let me just say, you know I been very lucky I got to know and meet some of Ain's fans when I went to Korea in May and I got and been getting lot of Ain related gifts from them and they are all super nice and sweet people......
Including myself, us international fans can't get the same things(Ain Goods) as the fans live in Korea so I don't mind sharing some things that I have one or more of.... I'm planning around Christmas I'm gonna do grab bag give away to some of my friends here on LJ.
I'm going back to Korea for another visit in Oct this year with my husband so I'm planning to buy whatever Ain related goods I can get my hands on to get ready for Christmas so please tune for that!
By the way, things I'm giving away this time, I actually bought them myself when I was in Korea in May, well 2 items anyway.....
I'm doing this give away this time to promote this blog and to make some more friends here on LJ and to share some goods of course BUT there is a catch!
Let me show what I'm giving away first~ ^.^

(1) Yoo Ah In plastic folder, never been opened, here's back picture


(2) Fashion King plastic credit card holder
That's the front and back picture, again, never been opened....

(3) This is the only item I didn't buy, J&J 2011 summer catalog

Ok, so how to get them:
I'm gonna be doing some new posts and I'm gonna pick 3 friends who leaves me most comments from today8/13/12~8/19/12
I will announce the 3 winners here on 8/20/12(U.S time)
First winner will have first pick on which item she/he wants, then second winner, unfortunately third winner won't get to pick...
I will email or DM the winners for addresses.

Thanks for reading, good luck and please help me promote this blog!

More pix from Fashion King Museum

After visiting Fashion King museum I realized that lot of Korean Ain fans didn't know about the museum and I think it was more for
the international fans, mostly catering to Japanese, since it was right next to Gimpo airport which is used more with Japanese cos I know more Japanese use Gimpo airport then the rest of us international fans including myself, we all use Incheon airport...
The sales lady told me that museum will continue to feature Korean Dramas, I think she told me the next drama that will be showing
at the museum next but sorry peeps I just can't remember......
I had so much fun there and fans can take much photos as they want and after coming home to U.S I realized looking at other fan photos that I missed alot......
Anyway, I would like to share whatever I have so here they are.....













OK~ so that's it!
Sorry they are not best quality, I took them with my iPhone....

I'm not sure how many of you actually read my last post here on LJ but I'm doing Ain related things give away, I will do a proper post about it tomorrow night(U.S time) so stay tune....

Few photos with Ain^^

It's been crazy last few months!!
Lot has happened......
Aside from me getting married, I had to dump my old pc cos it was just having too much problems,
so now I have a Mac pc and after buying and thinking it shouldn't be that different from regular pc and I shouldn't have too much
problems using it, well I was totally mistaken, Mac is very different from regular pc I'm still figuring things out after a month....
I'm gonna do a quick post to see if I'm doing this right......
Few pictures from my May trip to Korea when I went to Fashion King museum at Lotte Mall next to Gimpo airport....
When I was there sales lady told me that the museum will be closing in early July, which was understandable cause
Fashion King TV series ended that week.....
I will do a post on my personal view about the Fashion King series as well soon but first, few fun photos^^



Damn!  I think I need to learn how to resize my photos......
Well, this is practice post so.... hoping to master Mac pc soon~~

As soon as I figure things out I will be doing more posts and I will be doing Ain related things give a way too
so please wait for that!!

(pix size fixed... finally figuring things out with Mac PC...thank god~ 8/12/12)


I been really busy trying to get all my costumes ready for the anime convention that I go to every year so I wasn't planning on doing any post for a while but something came up that's been bothering me and all the Havener so I had to write something......
Certain individual have been using Haven's name for her personal use and posting pix and things without proper acknowledgments or permission on Facebook....when asked to fix this issue, she first says she didn't know, then she says she worked too hard to create her Facebook page(not really sure what she mean by that cos she basically stole lot of the things she has on her page about our beloved Ain!!!!) and now she can't understand what the problem is, is she serious???!!!
It is one thing to use name of someone else's web site but posting things without proper permission and making that web site and people running it look bad, come on now! have some respect and get some cyber space manners!!!
I am not even gonna name her or put her link here because last thing I want is people linking on to her site and looking at her site!
At first I was like I'm sure when she realizes/understands what's going on she'll fix the problem but sadly I was mistaken, last I heard, she wrote a sad sobbing story about how we are basically bullying her to close her Facebook and people who doesn't know the whole story/truth got mad at us!!!
I don't get it, by changing her Facebook page name to something else she'll have more freedom and no more emails asking her to close her FB....it's like she like the attention, although it's a negative one it's like she enjoys all this attention......
Just had to vent and to let people know YAIHaven doesn't have a Facebook(for now anyway) and when you do come across one, just know that whatever you see there, lot of them got there without proper permission or credit!!

(유아인 이란 배우가좋와서 팬이돼고 팬이면 팬 페이지 하나쯤 운영하게돼는건 보통있는일이지만, 내 팬 페이지가 중요하고 소중하면 남에 팬 페이지도 중요하고 소중하게 여겨줘야하는게 서로 얼굴을모르는싸이버 스페이스에서 특히 같은 배우를 사랑하는 팬들끼리 지켜줘야하는데 아싑게도 그렇지 못한 친구가 하나 나타나 헤이븐이란 해외 유아인 팬클럽 이름에 먹칠을 하고있어서 안타까울 따름임니다......헤이븐이란 이름으로 퍼가면 안돼는것들 막 퍼다가 자지 팬 페이지만 예쁘고 볼걸이 만이 해놓으면 좋은줄만아는 한심한 친구가있어 혹 이걸 읽게되시면 알아주세요, 저의 헤이븐 펜클럽은 페이스북 페이지는 운영하지 안씀니다...YAIHaeven이란 이름으로 페이스북에 있는 팬 페이지는 저의 진짜 헤이븐 펜클럽과 아무런 상관이없다는걸 알고 잊지 말아주세요...Jamie.K)


Bromance is back!!


They are back together again!!
I know it's only a CM but still^____^

They looks SO~ good together!!!!!

I really do wish, hope they will do a project together soon,
drama, movie I don't care, I just want to see them together on a screen.....
because I can't never forget THIS!

Gotta go and take a shower now, hahaha~~ (nosebleed)

(드라마든 영화든 군대 가기전에 작품하나만더 같이해주면 안돼나........ 둘 넘 예뻐...... Jamie.K)

King eye candy~~

Wow~ it's been a while......
Doing a quick eye candy post of Ain in action in Fashion King!!
The series premiered few weeks back with pretty good rating and it is raising^^

From what I can gather from fans in Korea, they like the series cause Ain is in it of course but the story line.....
well let's just say it's been done before..... according to Ain though, from "watch Fashion King with Ain" event few weeks back,
he said he's filming Ep 6/7 and story gets more interesting and it's not so predictable......
We will have to see but we/fans are just happy to see him back in the small screen^^

Here's some of that eye candy I told you about!

This one is one of my fav "shirt off" picture from Fashion King, it looks so..."realistic"?...hehehe^^

Most of if not all these screen caps I got from twitter through Mathed nim (thank you^^)

*드라마 주인공 으로도 대박내야죠 아인배우, 사랑도 재데로 한번 해보고, 아자아자!!*     Jamie.K

Fashion King

Official Fashion King home page

Love this picture of Young Gul and Ga Young so~ beautiful^o^
And that's one sexy dress ^_~
(I would wear something like that too if I'm doing a photo shoot with Ain, phahaha~~~^.^)

Good luck to Fashion King!!

(얼마 남지안은 첫방송 기대하고 기다림니다~~ 패션왕 화이팅!!)

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