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I been really busy trying to get all my costumes ready for the anime convention that I go to every year so I wasn't planning on doing any post for a while but something came up that's been bothering me and all the Havener so I had to write something......
Certain individual have been using Haven's name for her personal use and posting pix and things without proper acknowledgments or permission on Facebook....when asked to fix this issue, she first says she didn't know, then she says she worked too hard to create her Facebook page(not really sure what she mean by that cos she basically stole lot of the things she has on her page about our beloved Ain!!!!) and now she can't understand what the problem is, is she serious???!!!
It is one thing to use name of someone else's web site but posting things without proper permission and making that web site and people running it look bad, come on now! have some respect and get some cyber space manners!!!
I am not even gonna name her or put her link here because last thing I want is people linking on to her site and looking at her site!
At first I was like I'm sure when she realizes/understands what's going on she'll fix the problem but sadly I was mistaken, last I heard, she wrote a sad sobbing story about how we are basically bullying her to close her Facebook and people who doesn't know the whole story/truth got mad at us!!!
I don't get it, by changing her Facebook page name to something else she'll have more freedom and no more emails asking her to close her FB....it's like she like the attention, although it's a negative one it's like she enjoys all this attention......
Just had to vent and to let people know YAIHaven doesn't have a Facebook(for now anyway) and when you do come across one, just know that whatever you see there, lot of them got there without proper permission or credit!!

(유아인 이란 배우가좋와서 팬이돼고 팬이면 팬 페이지 하나쯤 운영하게돼는건 보통있는일이지만, 내 팬 페이지가 중요하고 소중하면 남에 팬 페이지도 중요하고 소중하게 여겨줘야하는게 서로 얼굴을모르는싸이버 스페이스에서 특히 같은 배우를 사랑하는 팬들끼리 지켜줘야하는데 아싑게도 그렇지 못한 친구가 하나 나타나 헤이븐이란 해외 유아인 팬클럽 이름에 먹칠을 하고있어서 안타까울 따름임니다......헤이븐이란 이름으로 퍼가면 안돼는것들 막 퍼다가 자지 팬 페이지만 예쁘고 볼걸이 만이 해놓으면 좋은줄만아는 한심한 친구가있어 혹 이걸 읽게되시면 알아주세요, 저의 헤이븐 펜클럽은 페이스북 페이지는 운영하지 안씀니다...YAIHaeven이란 이름으로 페이스북에 있는 팬 페이지는 저의 진짜 헤이븐 펜클럽과 아무런 상관이없다는걸 알고 잊지 말아주세요...Jamie.K)



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May. 8th, 2012 08:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much, Jamie~ You help us #Haveners a lot :)
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