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Sik's fav restaurant

I was in Korea for only 5 days in May so I had to make most of it.
With help from Ain's Korean fan we visited some of Ain's favorite hang outs^^
First place we went is a store name "product" which turned out to be right across from my hotel in Itaewon, Itaewon of course some of you may know is Ain's favorite area to hang out.
"Product" is a clothing store which is own by Ain's best friend... hip and trendy, very modern store I thought...pricey too....
We/I didn't have the guts to take pictures inside the store cos there was a guy who look to be the owner of the store kept looking
at us as though he knew why we were there(hehe^^) I'm sure we weren't the only Ain fans that came lurking around.......
This is what it looks like from outside...

And then we went to eat at that chicken feet place from LML
It's a small place, the owner cooks and serves and everyone calls her "yi-mo"(aunty^^)
Unfortunately I can't eat chx feet so we ordered other items from the menu and as soon as I took first bite I knew why Ain
likes to eat there, food, although took a while, is very good~
People across from us were eating chx feet and they looked super spicy!!
I thought about ordering it anyway, to take pictures(silly I know) but I didn't want to waste food.....
When we first arrive at the restaurant, actually it can't really be called a "restaurant" it's more like a eatery, a "shik dang" in Korean, anyway, it was empty when we first got there, we were lucky cause we sat at "THE TABLE" you know one from LML ^__^
I was seating at "the chair" one Ain sat!!

From outside,
BTY, I had to walk a pretty steep hill to get there in my heels...I was bleeding but happy(gosh~ >.<)

This is what we ate^^
Damn~ I'm a messy eater ~.~
Food was so good!!

We went to one more spot in Itaewon but I'll write about that tomorrow night.......    Jamie.K
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