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August 11th, 2012

Few photos with Ain^^

It's been crazy last few months!!
Lot has happened......
Aside from me getting married, I had to dump my old pc cos it was just having too much problems,
so now I have a Mac pc and after buying and thinking it shouldn't be that different from regular pc and I shouldn't have too much
problems using it, well I was totally mistaken, Mac is very different from regular pc I'm still figuring things out after a month....
I'm gonna do a quick post to see if I'm doing this right......
Few pictures from my May trip to Korea when I went to Fashion King museum at Lotte Mall next to Gimpo airport....
When I was there sales lady told me that the museum will be closing in early July, which was understandable cause
Fashion King TV series ended that week.....
I will do a post on my personal view about the Fashion King series as well soon but first, few fun photos^^



Damn!  I think I need to learn how to resize my photos......
Well, this is practice post so.... hoping to master Mac pc soon~~

As soon as I figure things out I will be doing more posts and I will be doing Ain related things give a way too
so please wait for that!!

(pix size fixed... finally figuring things out with Mac PC...thank god~ 8/12/12)