August 13th, 2012

Sik goods give away~^.^

I was suppose to do this last night but I was tired/lazy so I just went to bed so here it is, Sik goods give away^^
Before I get to the good stuff, let me just say, you know I been very lucky I got to know and meet some of Ain's fans when I went to Korea in May and I got and been getting lot of Ain related gifts from them and they are all super nice and sweet people......
Including myself, us international fans can't get the same things(Ain Goods) as the fans live in Korea so I don't mind sharing some things that I have one or more of.... I'm planning around Christmas I'm gonna do grab bag give away to some of my friends here on LJ.
I'm going back to Korea for another visit in Oct this year with my husband so I'm planning to buy whatever Ain related goods I can get my hands on to get ready for Christmas so please tune for that!
By the way, things I'm giving away this time, I actually bought them myself when I was in Korea in May, well 2 items anyway.....
I'm doing this give away this time to promote this blog and to make some more friends here on LJ and to share some goods of course BUT there is a catch!
Let me show what I'm giving away first~ ^.^

(1) Yoo Ah In plastic folder, never been opened, here's back picture


(2) Fashion King plastic credit card holder
That's the front and back picture, again, never been opened....

(3) This is the only item I didn't buy, J&J 2011 summer catalog

Ok, so how to get them:
I'm gonna be doing some new posts and I'm gonna pick 3 friends who leaves me most comments from today8/13/12~8/19/12
I will announce the 3 winners here on 8/20/12(U.S time)
First winner will have first pick on which item she/he wants, then second winner, unfortunately third winner won't get to pick...
I will email or DM the winners for addresses.

Thanks for reading, good luck and please help me promote this blog!