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Lucky Ain fans~

While Ain was in NY filming Fashion King, some lucky fans got to meet and even got some autographs.....

Ain in NY

It's already March 2 and bit late to post this but......

We all know Ain was in NY for over a week I think, filming Fashion King.
We first decided on doing a snack project which turned into a gift project^^
Thanks to Mathed-nim who organized everything and Tiny-nim for helping out on delivering the gifts
and all Haveners who participated in this wonderful project to show Ain our love and appreciations for his work^^
Oh! and the poster!!! Fantastic job everyone!!

Ain couldn't be there cause he was filming but his manager Jae Min-nim accepted the gifts on his behalf......

Rice project was great but this gift project was a wonderful way to remind Ain that he has fans ALL OVER the world~

(직접 나오지 못하신게 좀 아쉽긴하지만 찰영하러 오신 바쁜 배우라는걸 잊지말아야지.......)     Jamie. K

Yoo Ain eye candy for you~~

It's end of January 2012 already!!
Time just flies!!
Haven't done any translations this year so far but I have few requests that I will get to very soon^.^
Tonight, I just want to post some Ain pix!! total eye candy~~^_~
Few pix from Japan fan meeting in December

Look at that smile~~~

White looks fantastic on him!!

Some Diadora pix

I thought Ain looks good with Jack&Jill clothes but sports wear fits him well too^__^

Speaking of Jack&Jill, this is the newest pic from J&J, the fan fav~ WOW~~O.O

아인배우는 배우가 아니였으면 유명한 모델이였을것같다...표정들이 워낙 다양해서...... Jamie.K


Fashion King (Love line)

As we all know Ain will be starring in a new SBS drama Fashion King!
I was very happy when I read about synopsis for this new drama from Kitty-nim
over at Servabote(http://seeksik.com) so I got her permission to translate and post^^
Not sure how she found out about the synopsis for Fashion King but I'm not gonna ask cause I know that
if she wasn't sure she wouldn't have written about it......

Fashion King is about Rise and Fall of a man in a fashion industry.
He will start with nothing and will become the "king" but because of too much ambition he'll lose it all.....
Ain who doesn't do things in typical way, as we all know won't be playing the "prince" type of a character,
Ain's character will be more complex but not so tragic and serious as Gul Oh......
so the other guy(sorry don't remember his name, Jae Hoon??) will be playing the rich boy/prince and of course
Ain's rival.....
Se Young's character is of course the woman in between the two men......
Supposedly she will end up choosing, get this! the other guy!!!!!
Yuri's character is in love with Jae Hoon's character but only from a far but when she realizes Jae Hoon's character
only has eyes for Se Young's character, she use Ain's character to get back at Se Young and maybe make Jae Hoon
jealous??? and I hope I'm translating this part correctly but I think Ain and Yuri's character will get "physical"(kya~~~~~)

So there you have it basic synopsis of Fashion King and the "love line" that will be going on between the 4 main characters..
(I actually didn't translate Kitty nim's post words for word, I basically summarized it and used my own words in some parts..)

I'm not sure what type of writer she is meaning, is she gonna change the story line as time goes on to please the
audience or sticks to the main story from beginning to the end....... we will have to watch it to find out!!
And I just knew Ain won't pick a "prince" to play, which I'm sure he got lot of offers to play but that's just not his style...

Some Korean fans are little worried that if Yuri can pull this off since this is her first acting role....
Her character seems complicated and she will be acting next to some serious actors.....
Well, she is coming from "idol"/singing back ground but she IS in this so good luck to them all^.^

스토리도 괜찬은것 같고..... 드라마 주인공으로도 대박 터프릴 시기인듯, 화이팅 유아인!!         Jamie.K

YAI Fashion King?

배우 유아인, 오는 3월 방송 예정인 SBS <패션왕>의 남자 주인공으로 논의 중

배우 유아인, 오는 3월 방송 예정인 SBS <패션왕>의 남자 주인공으로 논의 중. 유아인의 소속사 측은 “긍정적으로 생각 중에 있지만, 현재 드라마 주요 스태프들이 한국에 없어 협의가 마무리되지 않았다”고 말했다. MBC <사랑을 그대 품안에>, <별은 내 가슴에>, SBS <발리에서 생긴 일> 등의 이선미 작가가 집필하는 <패션왕>은 동대문시장에서 맨손으로 출발한 한 청년이 패션계에서 성공해나가는 이야기를 담은 드라마다. 유아인의 상대 배우로는 현재 신세경이 물망에 올라 있다.

Right now, Ain's fans and lot of news papers are buzzing about him doing a new TV(SBS) series call Fashion King.
According to this news article, nothing has been finalized and Ain is reading and going through the script stages right now.
Story is about a young man who starts off with nothing from Dong Dae Moon Market(I think that's a whole sale fashion market)
to become very successful in high fashion world(personally guessing he's not gonna be playing a fashion designer...)
Writer Yi Sun Mi who's work include "something happened in Bali" wrote it.
Suppose to air from March 2012
I really do hope he will do this, fashion, Ain, sound good already!!

Going bit off track, since Wandeugi is such a big success and Gul Oh syndrome from last year, if and when Ain returns to TV I hear, his guarantee/pay will jump like 10x at least which will make him one of the highest paid actors around...


패션왕, 재목만으로도 유아인 배우랑 너무 잘어울린다는 생각을.....
드라마 주인공으로도 빵! 터트리셔야줘~~


Wandeugi in Hawaii!!

It was a opening day for Wandeugi here in Hawaii today and of course I was there!!!
I was dying to watch the movie so I was super duper happy when they announced Wandeugi will have U S release^^
They release it to dozen or so theaters across the states including Hawaii!!!!

Don't want to spoil it for other fans so I won't go into details but it was a heart warming movie, I laughed and cried....
Wandeug is so cute!!!  even with plain school uniform, darker skin make up Ain was total eye candy^.^
Said this before but thank god he's not actually 17 (hehe~~) but seriously, Wandeugi is really cute and sweet...
Love Dong Ju too!! Dong Ju speaks very rough but things he says are really meaningful and heart warming.....
The love letter thing was really funny..........
Only thing that I didn't really care for was they used too much profanity in their subtitle, unnecessarily, they could have totally
used words like, damn, jerk, and shit but everything was F this and F that.. I mean they were swearing but not that harsh so
I don't know why they went with basically wrong translations......... oh, and "Yu Aine" thing..... little things but I do think
Wandeugi movie production company(CJ I think...) should do a better job... just looks sloppy.....not very professional.....
My personal opinions and thoughts.....

**Just finished "Power Interview" translations and Mathed-Nim will subtitle it some time very soon but that will be the only translation I'll be doing this month, with Christmas and new year just around the corner I'll be too busy, I'll start up again
from January 2012**                       Jamie. K

운좋게 완득이가 하와이에 들어와서 첫날인 오늘 첫쑈 보고왔다,
아인 배우 왕팬이여서가 아니라 좋은 영화여서 계속 미소 지으며 보았구
엄마랑 장면들, "잘자라줘서 고마워요"에서 완전 눈물 줄줄, 나중에 "한번 안아바두 돼요" 에서엔
눈물 콧물 다흘리며 닦으며 보았다... 그리고 윤하(였던가?) 생각하곤 제데로 걷지도 못하던..ㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 17살
남자(아이?) 에 행동(?) 이라고 생각했다..ㅋㅋㅋ
동주선생 완득이 못지안케 귀여웠다!!!!
그냥 툭툭 던지는 러프한 말들에 뜻은 다 따뜻하고 깊은 뜻들이있었다, 그리고 정의에 사나이!!!^^
러브 레터 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 귀여웠다 ㅎㅎㅎ

그리심하지 안았던 한국어 욕들을 너무 심한 영어욕으로 번역해서 좀 그랬던거랑 아인배우 이름을 Yu Aine
으로 쓰지도 안는 스펠링을쓴것들이 좀 그랬다......
("영화사분들 신경좀 써주세요~")

내가 모자라는 한국말로 완득이 영화를 표현하자면, 뜨겁다기보단 훈훈한, 폭팔적이기보단 잔잔한 그런 느낌
을주는 영화라고 생각한다 그리고 영화 흐름이 좋왔다......        Jamie. K

Another year as Jack for Ain^^

It's official Ain will be modeling for Jack&Jill for another year!!

I can't picture anybody else but Ain as Jack personally and their clothes and Ain go so well together^^
Besides Yoo Ain is "THE IT GUY" right now so they can't let him go!

아인 배우랑 잭엔질 옷이랑 너무 잘어울려서 다른 모델은 한동안쓰지못할듯....
그리구 요즘 완득이/유아인 새상이라..ㅋㅋㅋ


Few pix from Ain's "power interview"

I have few translations(Ain related of course^^) that I promised to do first so I can't get to the SBS "Power interview" just yet  but here's a sneak peak~~^.^

He passed 2 of the written tests to get driver's license, the 2nd test he took was on 10/26/11, all that's left is actual driving test......
In U.S we start driving pretty early, I got my license when I was about 20 and that was considered late so I was personally kind of surprised to find out he doesn't already have a driver's license....^^
I wonder what kind of a car he's gonna buy, I can totally see him in a sports car!
I wonder too that Ain getting his driver's license has anything to do with him considering doing that drama where he will play a race car driver, hummmmm~~~~~ and I also heard somewhere(not sure where but...) that Lee Jung Jae(Ain's "style idol") is being considered to be in that drama as well...... anyway,

He needs to get a new ID, it's all cracked, hahaha^^
And for all you Chinese fans, lucky you cause the ID says Um(?) Hong Shic but I have no idea what it means but you do now^^

It says "from your best friend prince Um Hong Shic" I think, cause first part is blur......
He said he had 1000 of these made for his friend(I guess his best friend hehe^^, I wonder if that's same friend who owns "product"???)
he made them as his friend's birthday present and still have some left........
I want~ want~ want~ please!!!! Hong Shic prince^_~

Behind Style translated

My latest translation, "Behind Style" subtitles by Mathed of course, thank you^^

Ain and combo(?) game

This was so cute that I decided to translate it^^
Ain's video tweet 10/30/2011

YAI-(" The most important thing to achieve your gold is not to be conscious of others around you or follow anybody's lead but it's about getting there on your own terms, one step at a time, that's most important.
It's not about how high so don't rush it. You have enough time, you should totally relax cause if you become anxious and start to rush, you'll just end up breaking everything into pieces.
It's all about how to get there correctly.....combo....hahahaha~~~") ^.^

His tweets are usually very deep and meaningful so this was something little different^^
He's been traveling  a lot to attend his movie(Wandeugi) premiers all over Korea and I guess he's been killing time playing games......
I thought he was talking about his view on becoming/being successful in the beginning cause he starts off so serious but what a prankster!!

아무튼 너무 귀엽고 재미있는 영상트윗 감사해요 아인배우^^

** I think the game is called "combo"? sorry, I don't play games so I not sure... I hope I have it right** 
** Feel free to take it, just don't claim it as yours, thanks!!**       Jamie.K


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